The people behind Babe

As a parent, you want the best start for your child. Where they learn to discover the world with pure food, full of important nutrients and rich flavors. Food that ensures optimal growth and refined taste development. So do we. That’s why we brought together our passion for cooking, in-depth food technology and culinary knowledge in Babe: 100% organic baby food of culinary quality.

The Tastemaker

CEO & Executive Chef

Jasmine Azadbari discovered her love of cooking on a stool in the kitchen, where as a little girl she helped her mother prepare festive meals for the whole family. With her Persian background, she grew up in a culture where food is a symbol of enjoyment. Enjoying tables full of slow food, salads, fresh herbs and vegetables from the land, but also being together, sharing and connecting.

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Reasons to love us

  1. Healthy kids, happy family

  2. The best quality food with original and tasty variations for every age group

  3. Giving parents the convenience and feeling of taking good care of their children. Through a varied diet that optimises growth and development.

  4. Working on sustainability within the genes of our organisation and a requirement for our suppliers

  5. Sincere and transparent communication.

Grow better together

The Entrepreneurial Family


The Kesbeke family is driven by innovation. The family business from Amsterdam, which has become famous for its pickles, works every day to produce food in a smarter, more sustainable and responsible way. With new techniques and sustainable materials. As an enthusiastic partner of Babe, they take care of the production of our sustainable, healthy, 100% organic and culinary baby food. A production in which there is an optimal balance between People, Planet and Profit and with which we work together on a good future for the next generations.

The Food Technologist

Scienta Nova – IJsbrand Velzeboer

For Babe, the nutrition and safety of baby food is paramount. Food technologist IJsbrand Velzeboer taught us that Babe’s products undergo a mild heat treatment, in the form of mild pasteurisation at 72 until 80 degrees °C. As a result, the fresh properties and natural nutritional values ​​remain intact.

The vitamins are hardly broken down and there is no burning of proteins, for example, which can cause allergic reactions. This is the case with jars whose contents are sterilised at 127 degrees °C or higher. Babe offers great advantages over other baby foods. Honest, healthy and safe.

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Reasons to love us

  1. Healthy kids, happy family

  2. The best quality food with original and tasty variations for every age group. Children's food can taste good!

  3. Taking good care of your children becomes easy. With balanced food that optimally supports growth and development.

  4. Children enjoy tasting food and develop their taste optimally. Feel free to taste before serving the meal.

  5. Babe works on sustainability within all aspects of the company. With strict requirements for partners and suppliers. Our packaging is recyclable and the use of plastic is prohibited.

  6. Sincere and transparent communication.