pure baby food

Babe is culinary shelf-stable baby food from 8 months, made from fresh organic plant-based superfoods and erbs. A nutritious taste sensation to give growing babies, toddlers and preschoolers a real healthy foundation. Born from a passionate love for cooking and the belief that every child deserves the best start.

Babe makes healthy eating easy, fun and tasty. With organic quality dishes that optimally support your child’s development. Sustainably developed with respect for people, animals and the environment.

The culinary flavours of Babe




sunset sky

A tropical breakfast snack based on oatmeal with coconut and banana. Contains 5 superfoods including dates.




spotted summer

This breakfast snack is a fresh start to the day and contains 6 superfoods such as mango, cardamom and cinnamon.

Painted Lady - BABE pure baby foods




painted lady

Full and hearty breakfast with beetroot and the delicious sweetness of pear. A great  breakfast full of flavor.


Sweet potatoes


purple emperor

This stew contains an explosion of fibre and immune-boosting ingredients such as pomegranate and chickpeas.



Acerola cherry

forest pearl

Soft pumpkin and acerola cherry make this jar a very tasty highlight. With 4 superfoods and beneficial herbs.




silver moon

A dinner to enjoy with lentils and mango. Deliciously healthy thanks to the addition of 7 superfoods and delicious herbs.

Jonnie Boer - BABE pure baby foods




Jonnie Boer

Fresh combination of pumpkin, mango and kiwi supplemented with fiber-rich oatmeal and banana. a culinary tour de force!

Sidney Schutte - BABE pure baby foods




Sidney Schutte

A delicious dish with beetroot, fresh appel, coconut milk and fresh herbs. A pleasant surprise for our culinary heroes!


The power of Babe

  1. 100% organic & plant based

  2. Healthy, pure and tasteful

  3. Superfoods and the best herbs

  4. Complete and optimally balanced diet

  5. No added sugar, salt and E numbers

  6. Vitamin preservation through mild pasteurisation

  7. Minimum 8 ingredients of the highest quality

  8. 100% free from gluten, lactose and allergens

  9. Sustainably produced

Culinary flavors

“A rich combination of herbs and fresh ingredients offers your child everything for optimal growth and taste development”.

Order a Babe box?

  1. Choose your Babe box
    Choose from the breakfast box, dinner box or mix box. Each box contains 6 delicious snacks for breakfast, dinner or both.

  2. Order from Bol.com
    Find Babe in the webshop of Bol.com. Here you can subscribe to regular deliveries with a nice discount on your order.

  3. At home
    After ordering, the Babe box will be delivered to your home free of charge, quickly and safely.

  4. Enjoy your meal!
    Enjoy together. Love from Chef Jasmine

Babe breakfast box

Choose from 3 delicious flavors in a box of 6 jars. For breakfast or in between.

BABE - Breakfast box

Babe dinner box

Choose from 3 culinary stews in a box of 6 jars. With these flavors you serve a delicious dinner every day

BABE - Dinner box

Babe mix box

Mix it up. Variation menu of our 6 flavors in a box of 6. For morning, in between and evening. A unique taste sensation.

BABE - Mix box

Babe chef's edition

Two flavors developed by two of the best chefs in the Netherlands! Enjoy the delicious creations and don't forget to taste yourself.

BABE - Chef's Edition


“The attention and care that has been taken is reflected in the high quality of this product.”

-Food Technologist IJsbrand Velzeboer

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What we stand for

“Babe is exactly what Kesbeke stands for. Innovative, novel, but above all very tasty”.

– Oos Kesbeke

Did you know

Babe is the first and only culinary quality baby food. A mix of love, technology and knowledge from star kitchens ensures that you treat your child to a true baby dinner!

Jasmine’s butterflies

Chef Jasmine is crazy about butterflies. And butterflies are a symbol of healthy nature. No wonder butterflies are reflected in our logo. And the attentive reader will notice that even our meals have butterfly names.


Our slogans tell our dream. We provide Healthy kids, happy family by offering children everything for the best growth and development with Pure baby food. Growing better together!

Questions to Babe

How does Babe differ from other brands?

Babe makes baby food the gourmet way. 100% organic, with as many superfoods and herbs as possible, all with their own function in a baby’s development. We work together with doctors and nutritionists to achieve an optimal combination of nutrients. We combine fruit, legumes and vegetables to provide a minimum of 5 micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. We bring the amounts of sugar and fibre to an optimal balance for sustained energy. Then we steam our meals with a mild pasteurisation instead of the usual sterilisation. This ensures the preservation of nutritional value and freshness.

We always package our meals in recycled glass and paper, so that your child does not come into contact with microplastics. This is how we finally make the traditional jar of baby food 100% healthy and sustainable!

How do you put the ingredients together?

During the first 1000 days, baby’s body grows and develops rapidly (vision, brain development, body growth, use of motor functions, language development – all the fun things that make us who we are). Because this period is so important, we choose ingredients that ensure your baby gets the best combination of nutrients. We do this by using the best superfoods and herbs found in nature.

Why does your baby food have a distinct texture?

We know that first bites can sometimes feel scary. That’s why we like to tell you how we prepare our products. At Babe, we use whole food ingredients in our mixes, from organic growers, to retain as much fibre as possible. This allows the texture and appearance of chunks to vary. For example, pieces of carrot, beetroot or sweet potato. If you ever have any concerns about the meal or want to give feedback, please contact us to let us know. We never want any parent to worry. Your baby is our first priority.

Why does Babe use herbs and spices in its food?

Our food is approved by baby dieticians and specially made for small tummies. We use only a small amount of herbs and spices to give little ones different taste experiences so that they will eat a wider variety of healthy foods later in life. In addition, our herbs have a positive effect on, for example, colic and stimulate development. We’d love to tell you more about our ingredients and how they benefit your child.

How long do the products have a shelf life?

Our food has a shelf life of 12 months. The shelf life is guaranteed because the product is made in a sterile (germ-free) environment. The durable airtight glass jars keep our food fresh. Once opened, we recommend storing the food in the fridge and eating it within 2 days. We do not add e-numbers, salt or sugar to our food. The addition of herbs and spices to our meals means our food tastes and smells great, so there is no need to add salt or sugar.

Why do you choose 100% organic ingredients?

All nutrition starts with a healthy and resilient soil. Crop rotation, organic fertiliser and natural crop protection are important allies in this regard. The organic farmer uses as few pesticides as possible against fungi, insects and diseases. Fertilisers and chemically synthesised pesticides (eg herbicides and pesticides) are prohibited.
The biological approach takes care of the land: nothing should be exhausted, not the soil, not the plants, not the animals. In this way, the organic farmer guarantees that future generations will also receive healthy food on their plates. This way we can make an important contribution to a clean and healthy planet and use the best ingredients for our baby food, because your baby deserves the best.

How do you ensure that your materials are sustainable?

Babe is committed to a sustainable and clean planet. As an Eco-labelled producer, we produce 100% organic as well as sustainable. We do this by using the most sustainable methods and materials during the life cycle of our raw materials and in production and distribution. For example, all our materials, from packaging, cardboard box, labels and glass jar to the lid, are made of recyclable material and are therefore in a reusable cycle.

Are your meals allergen-free?

Our food is free of all allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, wheat, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, sulphites, soya, sesame, mustard, celery, lupine, lactose, gluten). The early introduction of allergens is a personal choice.

What do Babe products cost?

We believe that baby food should be tasty, nutritious and affordable. All babies are entitled to a healthy start in life. A Babe meal costs €23.95 per box. This is cheaper than comparable fresh baby food from the freezer compartment and sustainable jars.

How can you use so many organic ingredients for all the Babe meals and still have the same price?

Through well-organised purchasing at the source (organic farmers), a well-organised cooking process and the use of a minimum margin, we are able to offer a fair price. This allows all the Babe kids to enjoy our culinary dishes.

Babe is culinary pleasure